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Pornstars: Sloan Harper , Sean Lawless
 - Centerfold
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Site:   Dirty Wives Club
Oct 12, 2017

Scene Synopsis:   Pineapples! It’s the magic code word Sean’s been dying to hear again for so many years, especially now that his old college buddy is married to super-sexy Sloan Harper. And when she drops that word, Sean can’t believe his ears! He’s over for a supposed pool party his buddy told him about, but Sloan’s informed otherwise by her husband: that she’s to fuck Sean and his big dick, and to say “pineapples,” and he’ll understand that he gets the hall pass to bang his friend’s wife! Sean’s been wanting to see just how big and natural the blonde’s big natural tits are, and she’s ready to give him a hotwifing good chance at it, and then some!

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